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        1. Dongguan Nanyu Zipper Co., Ltd.
          Chinese ENGLISH  
            Guangdong Nanyu Zipper Co., Ltd. is located in Humen of Guangdong Province, a hero land and the top town across China with convenient traffic condition.
                Under the principle “survived by quality, developed by credit”, Nanyu creates excellent profits with sophisticated equipment and supreme management. Nanyu specializes in manufacturing all sorts of zip and zipper by means of imported automatic zipper production line. We attach the importance to R&D, so we constantly optimize product structure, introduce the latest technologies and enhance product innovation capacity. 80% of our products are been exported.
                We strive to not only develop new products with new sorts, styles, performance and structure to gain competitiveness with new development originality, but rigorously demand quality of each zipper, control each procedure to guarantee to provide the best zipper to our customers and win trust and support of clients. We keep strengthening management and optimizing quality to win good comments of clients and be widely recognized thanks to supreme quality & credit and considerate service, meanwhile, we are striving to become a model in competence of all staffs and creditable business in this field.
                The company attaches great importance to product design and development, and we have developed over ten new models this year with excellent social and economic benefits. “Scores only belongs to the past, the future need exploration”. Manyu always pursues high quality, brand and moral.
                In new century, Nanyu unswervingly persists to the tenet “quality first, credit supreme” aiming at “top brand, keep improving from Guangdong to the whole world”. Nanyu people will face each opportunity and challenge under the principle of “determined improvement, exerting oneself ” and are willing to your consultation in order to create a brilliant future.
                 The company mainly deals with manufacturing of garment, bag, handbag, stationery accessories, all sorts of zipper (nylon, metal, plastic steel, invisible, PVC) and fastener head. To facilitate clients’ purchase and meet products’ demands, we also produce plastic & metal accessories to match client’s development demand. Our products has passed tests of the Europe, US and Japan. Under the principle “quality first, credit first, service first”, we keep improving. So it’s your best choice to cooperate with us.


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          Tel:0769-81514426  Fax:0769-81514426 E-mail:999@2618.cc   Post:523000
          Company address: 廣東虎門龍眼東四路18號
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